SkiFree! is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Official SkiFree Game Now Available for Free

The official version of the classic Windows 3.1 game SkiFree is finally available on the App Store, for the fitting price of free. Ski Champ, consider yourself dethroned!

However, though it sports the same minimalist graphics, this isn’t the exact game you played in the early nineties.

Firstly, it’s missing slalom and tree slalom modes. The only mode available is free-style, which lets you ski as long as you want, tapping out as many tricks as you can to rack up an Olympics-worthy high score.

Also missing is the abominable snow monster. We can already hear the collective “Whaaaaaaat?” erupt from gamers across the land. That’s right, the monster that inexplicably gobbles you up after you’ve finished your race won’t appear in the iPhone version until an update hits the App Store. There’s no word on when that will happen, but it will also include slalom mode and Easter eggs from the original game.

Our last qualm with the game is that it uses severely unsensitive tilt steering that can’t be calibrated. No one should have to tilt that far just to make a sharp left.

In any case, since SkiFree is a window into our enchanted youths and doesn’t cost a penny, we can forgive all but the lack of the monster. Seriously, guys. We want that update.

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