Official Amazing Spider-Man Game to Release Alongside Film

Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a Spider-Man does. Earlier today in a press statement, Gameloft and Marvel announced that they’re teaming up to develop the official mobile game for The Amazing Spider-Man, coming to theaters this summer.

Gameloft’s previous Spider-Man game, Spider-Man: Total Mayhem was a critical hit, and the company is excited to take another (web-) shot at the property. “After having previously made Spider-Man: Total Mayhem, which was a huge success for both us and Marvel, we have even bigger ambitions for this new installment, The Amazing Spider-Man,” said Gameloft’s Senior Vice-President of Marketing, Gonzague de Vallois. “In addition to being an opportunity for Gameloft to showcase our skills in adapting movies into games, when combined with the fact that this is one of the most popular and commercially successful Super Heroes of all time, after having boasted one of the highest grossing movie franchises in history, we expect this title to be a great success.”

The Amazing Spider-Man game is a 3D action-adventure title that’s teeming with familiar environments, characters, and enemies. You’re able to develop Spidey’s skills while freely exploring the city (which is an open world), so we can safely presume that there will be webslinging involved. Villains beware.

The Amazing Spider-Man game will launch on July 3, which is the opening day for the movie as well. It’ll be available on feature phones, iOS, and Android.

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