Office Jerk Holiday Edition

Office Jerk Holiday Edition is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Office Jerk Holiday Edition Review

Just as Santa brings presents, the holidays often bring holiday-themed versions of various iOS games. This season, we get a Christmas-themed version of Office Jerk, a casual flick game that let you bother that one annoying guy at work we all love to hate. Rather than taking place in the workplace cubicle, Holiday Edition lets you annoy him in the comfort of his own home. And when hitting him in the head twenty times over gets annoying, you can take aim at his Christmas decorations, too.

The gameplay of Office Jerk is fairly straightforward. The jerk will sit in his chair, watching a simulated fireplace on his TV, while you flick various Christmas items at his head. You score points each time you hit the jerk, so you could simply play to get the highest score you can. The flicking is pretty easy to master, but a fan right next to you means you must adjust your aim each time to compensate for the wind.

Every time you hit the jerk, he will respond with displays of annoyance or anger. If you’re trying to play a quick game, these short animated bits can seem disruptive, as they pause the game between each flick. However, they do add to the humor of the game and make you want to throw more things at the jerk.

What a jerk!

You can also interact with the environment. Various objects strewn about the room can be hit or played with in some way. For instance, a Santa figurine on the mantle will play a little song when hit, or you can try to land an item in a large stocking hanging on the wall. It’s fun to see what will happen you try hitting a new item, and it breaks up the repetition of the game.

Finally, there are elves. Elves sneak around the room at all times, and you can score points by tapping on one before he escapes. Tapping an elf will actually score you some nice points, but you will need to be patient and observant.

At first you only have a small package to throw at the jerk’s head, but you can unlock more items by completing challenges. If you complete three challenges, you unlock a new item and increase the difficulty. Some challenges will require you to interact with the environment, such as hitting the jerk’s cat so many times, while others will require you to score a large number of points.

Office Jerk Holiday Edition, while silly and detailed, is still a game we’ve seen too many times before. The aim-and-flick genre has been around since the dawn of touch screengaming, and Office Jerk doesn’t really add anything new. For the holidays, it’s a fun game, but it’s not exactly in the Christmas spirit.

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