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Nuts! Review

Limbic Software, the developers of the ever-popular TowerMadness, are back with their newest and cutest action game, Nuts!. In this game, you play as Jake, a nimble squirrel who darts up the “infinitree” in an attempt to gather as many coins as possible while dodging sharp branches and and blasting fireballs.

Nuts! is awesome not only because it’s incredibly addictive, but also because of its striking 3D graphics and realistic sounds. We enjoyed watching Jake the squirrel run up the infinitree in search of power-ups and coins that could be used to buy extra lives, shields, or fireballs.

The tree zones vary in difficulties based on the amount and types of branches. You must respond quickly to avoid hitting one head-on and falling off the tree. You can dodge branches by tilting the device, but make sure not to stall, because the tilt controls are responsive and you must act quickly to keep Jake climbing. While running up a tree may sound repetitive, Nuts! offers plenty of replay value due to its highly-addictive nature.

Not out of breath yet.

The ability to share scores with friends via Facebook and Twitter enhances the gameplay for the most competitive players. For the most part, the game ran smoothly, but when attempting to access the Game Center leaderboards, we found that it would stall.

Also, while gathering coins is a lot of fun, we felt that the ability to purchase coins cheapened the experience. By enabling those willing to spend up to $49.99 on a chest of coins to have access to the best upgrades, it makes their squirrel the nimblest in town and buys a better high score.

Despite its few drawbacks, Nuts! is quite enjoyable, visually appealing, and we’re sure to continue playing for quite some time. Since it’s version 1.0, we hope that Limbic Software will quickly respond to some of our gripes by pushing out updates to enhance game play and perhaps bring it to a Must Have rating.

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