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Nun Attack is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Nun Attack Review

Nuns. Guns. Talk about a convenient rhyme. All those that live by the sword will inevitably die by it, but sometimes dramatic measures are necessary when a member of the flock goes astray in a big, big way. Nun Attack is an action/strategy game that plays a good deal like Battleheart and its ilk, so chances are good that you’ve visited this church before. Nevertheless, a little familiarity can be balm for a weary soul.

Nun Attack takes place in a weary, war-torn future. A fallen Sister has summoned the devils of Hell, and now Earth is thick with demons and monsters. Four sisters that are still on the side of light (Eva, Olga, Rosa, and Mandy) decide it’s time to take up arms and put an end to their compatriot’s devil-slinging shenanigans.

Glory Be!

Most of the action in Nun Attack takes place on the battlefield. You take down enemies by drawing a line from your nun of choice to the invading demon. The bad guys attack in waves, and each sister has strength, weaknesses, and hidden talents that can turn the tide even when all hope seems lost. You can also unlock and perform Miracles for when you need some divine intervention in a bad situation. Each level ends when a demon portal finally shows itself and you shoot it down.

When the Sisters aren’t getting their habits bloody on the field, they’re required to tip-toe around level maps These interludes make for some interesting strategizing since each map contains demon portals, treasures, and enemy camps. The demon portals constantly fire on you, and if you don’t dodge, deflect, or destroy the projectiles, they’ll hurt you in a huge way. But said portals often guard valuable treasure chests, so you need to decide if you’re going to take a potentially violent detour or just travel the safer path to the final battlefield for that particular level.

Thing is, the spoils of war might be your only hope for an upgrade since new weapons, etc, are expensive to obtain and upgrade. Grinding for gold takes forever, but not surprisingly, you can buy as much as you need through the divine miracle of in-app purchases.

Slay ye every last one of them

Nun Attack is not especially original. Even the premise is a bit worn, as depictions of nuns going off the edge and taking up arms isn’t a new thing. That said, the Battleheart gameplay formula still holds up, provided you’re not thoroughly tired of it. Nun Attack also features some awesome visuals (the animation is superb), and working your way through level maps adds depth and challenge. That said, it can be frustrating when a projectile creams you and takes away half your life right before a big fight.

Some theologists state that God is perfect. Nun Attack, on the other hand, is not perfect. But like most mortals, the Sisters do their best in a cruel world. If you’re up for one more go with an action/strategy game (and if you’re not a devout Catholic who’s turned off by the idea of Sisters wielding weapons), join the convent.

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