No Fantasy: Square Enix Working on iPhone RPG

While Final Fantasy XIII may be receiving a somewhat lukewarm response on consoles, the news that Square Enix is working on its first dedicated iPhone RPG, which some are pitching as Final Fantasy for the iPhone, has us feeling hopeful.

Chaos Rings represents a major effort by Square Enix, which has vocalized its intent to make a greater impression in western markets of late.

Little is currently known about the title, though Square Enix has revealed Chaos Rings will be structured around turn-based battles. The trailer that hit YouTube today also shows some fairly impressive 3D visuals to boot.

“Game design, music, scenario, and graphics… everything was created with great passion of great staff!” said Chaos Rings producer Takehiro Ando.

“Of course, controls are designed for iPhone/iPod touch, and I think you can play the RPG game very comfortably. It is exclusive for iPhone/iPod touch. So don’t miss it if you’re using iPhone/iPod touch.”

The publisher says the story will focus on a “battle to the death” between five pairs of warriors who have been pushed into competing in an arena-based tournament. The prize for the winner is apparently “eternal youth”, although we’ll be impressed if Square Enix somehow manages to work that particular reward into the app itself.

[Via VideoGamer]

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