Defenders 2

Universal Game Center Rating: 12+

Defenders 2 is a game from NIVAL, INC., originally released 6th January, 2016


Nival’s Defender 2 – “Balance of Tower” – 3.5/5 from Touch Arcade

Take Nival’s Defenders 2, for instance. It’s a tower defense game, and like most games in that genre (including its predecessor Defenders) you’ve got to carefully consider the placement of every tower and spend your cash wisely to efficiently take out as many creeps as possible without getting overrun. The free-to-play model, however, is full of upgrades and card fusing and all kinds of free-to-play junk that starts to blur the line between strategy and currency-spending. Did I fail that level because I put things in non-optimal positions, or because my cards suck and I need to evolve them up?

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