Nintendo: Sony is Defeated, Apple is the New Enemy

What’s worse? Failing to acknowledge that Apple and its array of iDevices is even a threat to your business, or planning to launch the entire weight of your gaming might upon your newfound target?

Whatever the case, it would appear that Nintendo has finally woken up to Apple’s presence in the gaming market, because The Times in London reports that Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has effectively branded Steve Jobs and co. as Nintendo’s new number one target.

The paper reports that Iwata told senior executives that Sony– with the PS3 remaining in third place in the current round of console wars and the PSP more than 60 million behind the DS according to even the most generous of estimates– has effectively been “defeated.”

As such, he also advised them to treat Apple, with the iPhone and iPad, as the ‘enemy of the future.’

The Times claims Iwata’s concern has shifted to Apple due to reports that suggest male gamers would now rather have an iPhone in their pockets than a DS. Nintendo is perceived to have conceded ground in what was believed to be the traditional games market as it diversified in order to court a broader base of consumer.

In short, by so successfully targeting the family-friendly market, male gamers who used to be drawn to Nintendo are now thoroughly turned off by Wii Fit, Brain Training and the like.

Not only would that represent a massive opportunity for Apple– one it’s arguably already exploiting– but it would also suggest that Nintendo’s grand experiment to expand the borders of gaming hasn’t been entirely successful. If chasing new gamers means leaving the old behind, Apple too will have to decide just who it wants to target as the App Store continues to expand in the coming years.

[Via The Times]

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