Nintendo Announces New DSi, with App Store-Like Feature

Gizmodo reports that Nintendo has introduced a new member of the DS family, the DSi, which will bring several hardware advancements, as well as a new “DSi Shop”.

This peaked our interest, as it seems like every new mobile device now has to include a company store.

The DSi Store will use a similar pricing/purchasing scheme to that used on the Wii, with purchases denominated in scrip points rather than currency. Price points will range from free to 800 points, which, if the same USD to WiiPoint exchange rates hold, will be from $0 to $8 USD.

It’s not clear from the announcement so far where Nintendo’s store will fall in comparison to the App Store. However, given Nintendo’s track record with the WiiWare store, we doubt that the DSi will be the hotbed of innovation that the App Store has been. While Apple has been criticized for keeping the iPhone/iPod Touch a somewhat sandboxed platform, the strict controls on access to Nintendo platforms makes Apple’s policies look incredibly transparent and open.

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