NinJump Deluxe

NinJump Deluxe is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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NinJump Deluxe Review

Backflip’s line-up of games is pretty legendary. Many of their games have held a position in the top 10 paid or free charts. NinJump, one of our favorites from their collection, recently got the premium treatment. While this version may put you out a dollar, it offers two new levels with additional challenges.

NinJump is best described as taking the two-wall climbing concept from Ninjatown: Trees of Doom and turning it into a one-tap game. For the full rundown on the gameplay of NinJump, check out our review of the original.

NinJump’s unorthodox sushi-making techniques come in handy.

NinJump Deluxe includes two new levels: Pirates and Jungle. Pirates replaces the walls with masts of a ship and adds a slew of new enemies, including pirates swinging from ropes and a giant octopus sea monster. Jungle has lots of invincible wall-scaling enemies, tribesmen, and floating beetles.

Instead of Plus+, which was used in the original, NinJump Deluxe opts for Game Center. Considering this has become the new standard, we’re happy Backflip has made the switch.

Even though we’re disappointed that there aren’t any new game modes, these enhanced levels are a lot of fun and well worth the $0.99 price (or $1.99 for the iPad version). And if you haven’t played the original yet, you can still download it for free.

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