Nimble Quest

Nimble Quest is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Nimble Quest Review

Snake is a video game nearly as old as the pastime itself. The objective is simple: Control the eponymous snake as it moves around the playing field, grabbing numbers to increase your length while taking care not to run into the walls or your ever-growing tail, lest you come to a Tron-styled end.

Nimble Quest takes the premise of Snake and builds upon it, tweaking it and updating it to create a new yet familiar experience on iOS. Rather than controlling a snake, you instead dictate the movements of knights, magicians, archers, and numerous other types as you move them around the playing field. As you progress, you’ll pick up other warriors who follow your chosen leader in procession.


Where it differs from Snake is that there are also various enemies on the field, from villainous knights to bats and other rivals. Upon approaching them, your conga-line of warriors lets fly whatever their chosen weapon is– from wide-arcing sword swipes to arrows, fireballs, and bombs– when they are within range of the enemy in the hopes of ultimately destroying them. Clear away all the enemies, and the day is yours, allowing you to move on to the next field of battle.

The difficulty heightens as you progress, with enemies taking more hits to kill and inflicting more damage upon the members of your party (though running into any of them– or your own crew, or the walls– still means instant death). Fortunately, there are items to help heal you along the way, as well as bombs that inflict damage and destroy enemies in their proximity, and magnets for attracting the many jewels and treasures dropped at various points throughout each stage.


A minor downside is that the game isn’t particularly deep. There’s not really a story to speak of, and your goal is to simply progress through as many of the “endless” number of stages as possible. Die, and you either pay to continue, or go back to the beginning. Fortunately, you can level up your heroes as you go, helping to ensure that you can get a little bit further than your last attempt.

Nimble Quest is a solid offering that shows signs of inspiration as it takes a classic style of gameplay and tweaks it to create a unique experience. While it may not exactly fit the definition of a “sequel,” it’s definitely a must-play for those who loved the original Snake.

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