Ngmoco’s Rolando 3 Going Freemium

In an interview with IGN, Ngmoco CEO Neil Young says that several different factors (piracy, among other complaints) make it unlikely that Rolando 3 will come out at a high, premium price. Instead, Ngmoco wants to move the rest of its business in the direction of its recent releases, Touch Pets Dogs and Eliminate Pro.

Rolando 2 was right at the point where we decided, ‘You know what? We’re moving this business to freemium.’ So I think none of us were really particularly delighted with the sales performance of Rolando 2,” said Young. “That being said, it’s done fine. It just hasn’t done gangbusters. It sells every day and we don’t really play around with the price on it. We just kind of keep it there and it does good, but not stellar.”

That doesn’t mean that Ngmoco views Rolando as an unimportant series for them, though. They’ve simply decided not to try to fit a square peg through a round hole, and attempt to cram a game like Rolando 3, which wasn’t designed as freemium, into a freemium package.

“When we made the decision to go free-to-play, we said to ourselves, ‘Look. If we can’t make the game free-to-play, we’re not going to release it.’ And Rolando 3 as it was envisioned at that time was not a free-to-play product. So we’ve just taken the time to try to figure out how to do that franchise really effectively in free-to-play space.”

In a way this almost makes Rolando 3 even more interesting to us now. Before we might have had a very good idea of what Rolando 3 would be like, but now that the company has an entirely new ideology to support, we should see some interesting results.

[Via IGN]

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