Ngmoco Producing New Game: Godfinger

Ngmoco, publisher of Rolando 2 and Star Defense, has officially announced the next game they’ll be publishing, GodFinger.

GodFinger puts the player in control of an entire planet. According to Ngmoco, you play as a brand new god on this planet, and you’ve set out to make a name for yourself amongst the other gods.

They also announced that they’re partnering with Wonderland Software, who also worked on Fable and the Black and White series, to develop the title for them. As Ngmoco pointed out, these guys clearly know their god games, making us very excited to see what this duo can come up with.

We’re not entirely sure what the gameplay will be like, but one piece of art for the game is visible on the company web page, showcasing the somewhat adorable Rolando-esque art style that the game seems likely to use.

The release date also was not mentioned, but they said that the game is rapidly approaching its release date, and that they will be releasing more information soon.

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