Ngmoco Picks Up Touch Pets Dev Stumptown

They say people who work together often end up getting so close that they eventually tie the knot. Such romantic soothsaying would appear to be on the money when it comes to Ngmoco, as news broke this week that it has acquired Stumptown Game Machine for an undisclosed fee.

The two have, of course, previously worked together on the Touch Pets series (a franchise which has found a loyal base on iPhone and even picked up a score of 3 from Slide to Play back in November), with the relationship obviously proving fruitful for both firms.

“We want those guys to retain their own culture,” Ngmoco’s CCO Bob Stevenson told CNET following the deal’s announcement.

“Each group is unique, and we like them because they thought differently. We’re going to be announcing a product fairly soon. The thing to know is that we’ll be continuing in the learning that we went through at the start of the company– and that we went through tremendous learning when we were thinking of the ‘freemium’ model.

‘We took that knowledge, and we iterated on that with We Rule and if I think about what we could do now, based on that– the next project we announce with Stumptown is going to have a whole new way.’

As Stevenson hints at in his comments, Ngmoco is far from shy when it comes to picking up companies it has a taste for.

Stumpdown is, in fact, its third purchase in recent times, the publisher having moved for Epic Pet Wars developer Miraphonic in November 2009 and Freeverse in February this year.

[Via CNET]

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