ngmoco Announces Next Two Games: Topple Too and WordFu

iPhone-only publisher ngmoco has announced its follow-ups to Rolando via its Twitter feed: Topple Too and WordFu. Both games are expected on the App Store in the next month.

We saw a brief WordFu demonstration at MacWorld a little while back. It’s a word-finding game that uses simulated dice to give you your letters–you shake up your iPhone and let them fly, much as in MotionX Poker Quest (although ngmoco has told us in no uncertain terms that the game is using different technology). From there, the idea is to build as many words as possible under the time limit, using the letters on your dice. WordFu features a WiFi multiplayer mode, as well as lots of “Hiiiii-yaaaaa!” martial arts sound effects.

Topple Too is the sequel to the highly-regarded Topple, one of the better free games on the App Store. We have no further details on Topple Too at this time, but we’ll check in with ngmoco to see if they’ll give us anything.

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