Ngmoco Announces Three New Follow-Ups: We Farm, We City, and Touch Pets Cats

It’s tough for us to call these newly-announced Ngmoco games sequels, since they’re each more of a brand extension than a direct sequel. But for those who enjoyed We Rule and Touch Pets Dogs, they’re three freebies you won’t want to miss.

We Farm is a game where you can raise animals and send them off to become blue-ribbon winners. Spending the We Farm equivalent of Mojo will let you “love” your animals faster, giving them a better shot at winning the blue ribbon and staying as a permanent part of your farm. Since Farmville was just announced, iPhone gamers will soon have a choice as to which virtual farm they’re willing to spend their time cultivating.

Screenshot from the iPad version.

We City is a bit more on the SimCity side, but with the same time and money trade-offs as We Farm and We Rule. As the mayor of a budding metropolis, you can ship off your goods to your friends in order to gain more gold. A high level of customization lets you pave over the game’s brown dirt with roads, parks, and buildings.

Screenshot from the iPad version.

Touch Pets Cats is an obvious follow-up to Touch Pets Dogs, but some of the design choices Ngmoco has made this time around are surprising. You can’t take your cat outside, for example, but you can explore multiple rooms of a large house. You can also decorate, buying new furniture for your cat to jump on. Fortunately, they won’t be shredding anything with their claws.

In Touch Pets Cats, you can search the couch cushions for coins and collectible items, then spend that money on new cat toys or furniture. You can also visit other players’ customized houses (in Dogs, you could only bring other dogs to your house for a play date). If you find any coins in their house, the owner will have a choice as to whether or not they want to split the findings with you.

Probably the biggest difference with Cats is that your cats have boundless energy, but will be more efficient at picking up coins if you give them catnip. Catnip, you might expect, is the DLC-driven currency that Ngmoco will use to make money on this free game.

All three of these games will be free, with an option to pay money to speed along development of your farm, city, or cat. Ngmoco hasn’t set a date for these games, but they should all be available by the end of the year.

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