Rumor Mill: Next-Gen PSP To Emulate iPhone?

Speak of the devil! In last week’s editorial, we were talking about how the iPhone could grab the PSP’s portable gaming turf, provided that Apple actually felt like making an effort. Now a rumor is circulating that the next-gen PSP will have a multitouch interface like the iPhone’s, suggesting that Sony’s worried sick about competition with Apple.

IGN heard from “several credible sources” that the PSP 2 is well into development, and definitely packs multitouch functionality. The article goes on to mention a (supposedly) leaked internal survey for PSP customers asking which features they’d like to see in the PSP 2, numbering such wishlist items as a cell connection, internal memory, and GPS… all iPhone staples.

This article seems to have touched a nerve, as the response from another source “close to Sony” was somewhat less than professional. “Clearly, being a quiet time of year, many, what we thought to be credible websites, are making up stories about PSP2, and how it allows you to teleport across the globe, travel through time, and will be powered by the horns of baby rhinoceroses. Hopefully, you can sense a mild tone of sarcasm, which should hopefully indicate how ‘˜on the money’ IGN are. Needless to say, we don’t comment on rumour or speculation, but this is nonsense.’

Relax, Sony! We believe you. Really.

[from IGN and MCV]

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