Next-Gen iPhones May Support HD TV-Out

Ars Technica, pondering the implications of Apple’s partial acquisition of Imagination Technologies Group (the company behind the PowerVR graphics technology the iPhone uses), believes the sale portends far more advanced graphics capabilities for upcoming iPhone/iTouch revisions–including HD TV-Out and fully shaded 3D graphics. Awesome.

According to the article, the next iterations of ITG’s PowerVR technology support OpenGL ES 2.0, full HD decoding and output, and dramatically reduced power consumption, “said to be comparable to current audio decoding chips.” So in theory, not only could the new chipset blow the DS and the PSP out of the water in terms of polygon output and shading, it could do so without draining your battery dry in 20 minutes.

It’s all entirely speculative at this point, obviously–we don’t know when Apple’s going to put out a real iPhone rev, or whether it’ll be equipped with this tech when it does–but it’s certainly a positive sign for us iPhone gamers, eh?

[from Ars Technica]

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