Newzoo Claims 81% of Kindle Fire Owners Are Gamers

Research firm Newzoo claims that there are now 17.4-million active users of the Amazon Kindle Fire in America. Amazon does not release precise hardware sales figures, so companies like Newzoo are needed to provide comparative data (and fuel fanboy wars). While the number of active users is certainly impressive, what’s even more interesting is that an extremely high number of Kindle Fire owners play games — 81 percent according to Newzoo.

According to the company’s latest report:

Newzoo’s proprietary market research showed a total number of 17.4 million people in the US actively use the Kindle Fire, compared to 30.4 million active iPad users. 6.5 million Americans use both devices. An additional 3.7 million Kindle Fire users can be found in the UK as well as 7.5 million active iPad users.

81% of the active users of Kindle Fire play mobile games on tablets, smartphones or an iPod touch, compared to 77% for the iPad users. To put this into context, 43% of the US online population aged 10 to 65 plays mobile games totaling 100 million Americans. 69% of US mobile gamers plays game on a smartphone, 21% on a tablet, 18% on an iPod Touch. Figures for Europe are comparable: 69%, 16% and 11%.

Newzoo’s CEO Peter Warman adds: ‘We will continue to closely monitor the fascinating developments of tablets and smartphones, and not only in relation to mobile gaming. Our recent research shows that the Kindle Fire should be considered as a real tablet computer and clearly is a very credible competitor to the iPad, in particular given the vast amount of various kinds of content Amazon can make available to its users.”

I’m glad that Warman said that the Kindle Fire is a real tablet computer. That clears a lot of things up. Before I read his quote, I was thinking that the Kindle was the Mr. Snuffleupagus of tablet PCs.

Seriously though, Newzoo’s findings are interesting, but full of customary analyst cushion. Terms like “active users” are vague. Saying a percentage of active users plays games covers a lot of ground; it encompasses people playing games for hours a day, as well as those that fire up Angry Birds once a week.

Having said that, the figures are certainly interesting talking points. Do you have any thoughts on the Newzoo’s findings on the Amazon Kindle Fire?

[Via: Newzoo]

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