Zynga’s Matching With Friends Now Available on the App Store

So, you’ve assembled words with friends, you’ve drawn with friends, you’ve scrambled with friends, and you’ve committed insurance fraud with friends–er, don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone about that last one. Maybe you’d like to know about the latest entry in Zynga’s long line of ‘Friends’ games: Matching With Friends for iOS. It’s fun, it’s free (if you download the version with ads), and it’s legal.

In Matching With Friends, you line up colored, numbered blocks in order to clear them away with a bang. Ideally, you want to take advantage of the score multipliers that are scattered across the board. You can flip your tiles horizontally or vertically to help you make the most fruitful matches possible, but beware. Any mismatched tiles that are left behind after you make your move can be used to your opponent’s advantage. Matching With Friends requires some luck to win, but skill and foresight is important, too. It plays quite a bit like the tile-based board game Qwickle, which, incidentally, Square-Enix is bringing to iOS, Android, and Facebook later this year.

Download the free, ad-supported version of Matching With Friends here, or pay for the ad-free version here.

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