Zynga Lays Off 520 Employees, Closes Three US Offices

The market has not been kind to Zynga of late. They’ve just announced that they’re laying off 520 employees, which constitutes 18% of their staff. They’re also shutting down their New York, Dallas, and Los Angeles offices in a move to cut expenses and focus more tightly on mobile gaming.

In a blog post, CEO Mark Pincus says, “The scale that served us so well in building and delivering the leading social gaming service on the Web is now making it hard to successfully lead across mobile and multiplatform, which is where social games are going to be played.”

The announcement also lead to a 10.88% dip in Zynga’s stock price today:


Pincus says, “Because we’re making these moves proactively and from a position of financial strength, we can take care of laid off employees. We’re offering generous severance packages that reflect our appreciation for all of their work and we hope this will provide a foundation as they pursue their next professional steps.”

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3 thoughts on “Zynga Lays Off 520 Employees, Closes Three US Offices

  1. I feel bad for the people who are now unemployed but i hate this company and the whole freemium model they were a big part of helping make popular but apparently the model doesn’t have any staying power thankfully. There’s a reason why you don’t abandon the hardcore audience for the casual gamers which their games were aimed at, casual gamers won’t be around long and to have a successful business you have to think long term.

  2. I’d say ah poor them but really they shouldn’t have been working for a company that throws out such crappy games then they wouldnt be out of a job.

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