Zen Bound Growing New Levels

Zen Bound publisher Chillingo has alerted us to the impending release of Zen Bound’s 1.2.1 update, which will include a new set of levels. These levels will be attached to “The Tree Of Nostalgia,” and they’ll be themed appropriately–Childhood, Old Days, 50s Sci-Fi and Retro Gaming.

Further, Chillingo tells us that update will fix a few niggling gameplay issues:

  • Paint spread from rope will be smooth and continuous
  • Rope interpenetrating with objects reduced

  • Silly bug with ‘Previous’ displaying the wrong value changed
  • Level beginning says ‘Play’ instead of ‘Continue’ if the save game had 0% coverage
  • Save game issues hopefully addressed
  • Ability to hide the in-game progress display (i.e. play “full-screen”)

Zen Bound is one of our favorite games of 2009, and it’s great to see that developer Secret Exit is still at work polishing it up and adding new content. We’re feeling nostalgic already just thinking about wrapping up that teddy bear…

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