XCOM Releases Thursday for $19.99

We’ve just gotten word from 2K and Firaxis Games that XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the port of the PC/console title, is landing on iOS on Thursday, June 20, for $19.99. The game will be universal, and will support Game Center as well as iCloud saves.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown will be compatible iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad mini, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5th Generation. At launch, the game will only contain the single-player campaign, but the developers plan to release the head-to-head multiplayer mode in a free update sometime down the line.


For more information about XCOM: Enemy Unknown, read our Q & A with the game’s lead designer here.

7 thoughts on “XCOM Releases Thursday for $19.99

  1. Yeah, that’ll sell well at that price. I got it free on Playstation Plus and the PC version has been cheaper than that many, many times. I’ll be waiting for a 9.99 sale myself unless I get my fill of the game on my PS3.

    • The price is fine. Remember…this is the full console/computer experience on your iPad. We need to support games like this or else iOS will continue to be considered the gaming ghetto.

      Would you rather have this, or 900 more iterations of Angry Birds?

  2. A waste of cash for $20
    the lack of SO many features and forced videos
    no real ability to expand or use world resources
    its a joke… worse xcom ever
    im sorry the inability to free fire weapons
    no market to buy earth based weapons
    you can buy an intercepter for like $20
    and the mysterious black council that watches over you like the agents from Matrix…
    is a joke
    a severe joke
    nothing good about the game at all
    compared to the stuff you can get for free thats 3d
    this game should have spent more time in player testing
    to see if the “target market” would like it
    inability to have multiple skyrangers
    only 1 main base… this is a stupid game
    like a RTS rail shooter, no real strategy needed
    and inability to get back countries terrorized to

    leave the council… jesus

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