• thismarty

    Well, that was fun. I got to watch an ad video for a new Star Trek game and then another for Surface RT’s touch-based Internet Explorer. The XCOM video though – no show. Excellent work, boys.

    • STP_Chris

      Sorry guys. It’s working correctly now.

  • 5150

    This is a joke. When you describe and link to a video, it’s generally good to have a, say, video! Thought I’d try this site out, guess I’ll just stick to Touch Arcade. Thanks anyway!

  • Ус Иван

    Is it just me, or is it the game lagging badly?.. Or the video itself? I mean… There are frequent pauses… And then some actions are just skipped entirely!!!

  • ETC37

    Video is still not working…

  • Canadian Export

    I thought it was funny that a site that is dedicated to IOS gaming gives us a video link that requires flash. :)