XCOM: Enemy Unknown Announced for iOS

In a surprise announcement at PAX 2013, Firaxis said they are bringing the full version of X-COM: Enemy Unknown to iOS this summer. When it came out last year, the turn-based tactical shooter game was a major success on PC and consoles. The iOS port will support iPad, iPhones and iPod Touch.

This X-COM reboot resembles the original PC titles in a lot of ways, while bringing some welcomed streamlining to the core mechanics. The turn based tactical shooter places you in the boots of the X-COM commander, in charge of calling the shots in battle and developing your soldiers, headquarters, and research teams.

X-COM also features an “Iron Man” mode in which your squad-mates can be permanently destroyed in combat and you cannot reload your saves to get them back. Because the game is quite a looker on PC and consoles, we hope Firaxis can maintain the high level of graphical polish in the iOS port.

  • Spike

    Any word on the price?

    • http://twitter.com/ETC37 Erik Carlson

      That’s going to be the interesting thing. The full retail price of the original game is $50 and it’s only like 4 months old. I haven’t seen it go on sale or anything since it’s release. If this is the full retail game, will it be priced accordingly?

      My biggest concern, honestly, is the size. The PC version is 20gigs.

      • pholly

        Sounds like you’re a console gamer, the PC versions has been around $15 a couple of times in the past month and is free with the preorder of Bioshock Infinite.

        • http://twitter.com/ETC37 Erik Carlson

          No, I’m actually a Mac user, so unless a computer game is for the Mac, then I don’t follow the price changes on other platforms that much.

          • hardatoenail

            They have mentioned the textures have been greatly reduced to compensate for size. I believe some areas/locations had to be removed also.

  • pholly

    Can’t wait, this game is awesome.

  • Panther77

    I’d pay $10.00 easy for this, maybe even $15.00

    • Jack

      I doubt it will be either of those. Probably $20 – $40.

      • Chessman

        And I think it will be something around 5$.

  • anony

    They should set the price a little bit higher than usual, maybe then other developers want to port some more AAA titles :D