X2 Snowboarding Revealed, Release Date Announced

X2 Games has announced that they are currently developing a brand new iPhone snowboarding game, dubbed X2 Snowboarding.

X2 Games made their App Store debut back in June with the enjoyable X2 Soccer 2009, making this their first release in eight months.

From the description of the game, it sounds like relatively standard action-snowboarding fare, except for the interesting “rewind” feature. We’re told that players will be able to rewind the game to retry parts of the track they failed or want to experience again. We’ve seen this feature many times before in console racing games, but it’s quite new on the iPhone.

‘With over a decade of experience with handheld games, and the 1.6 million downloads of X2 Football 2009 to back us up, we’re confident about bringing the definitive console-quality snowboarding title to the iPhone with X2 Snowboarding,” said the game’s producer, Simon Berry, in a press release.

X2 Games says that the title will be ready to ship this month on iPhone and iPod Touch systems, but hasn’t yet commented on iPad optimization.

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