X-Plane Helicopter First Look

X-Plane for the iPhone is turning into a little family of simulators. With the release today of X-Plane Helicopter budding pilots can now try their hand at piloting a helicopter through the Grand Canyon.

Coming in at $4.99, X-Plane Helicopter is very similar to it’s fixed-wing predecessor, offering Laminar’s trademark realism in flight simulation, coupled with impressive graphics. This helicopter edition is set in even more challenging terrain, in and around the Grand Canyon. You’ll be able to attempt the canyon tours that real pilots have been barred from performing.

The program promises to be even more challenging than its predecessor, partly because of the terrain, but mostly because of the difficulty of helicopter flight. We’ve only had a few minutes at the stick, but we can tell you that flying a helicopter is no mean feat.

A little hint at things to come: In X-Plane Helicopter’s loading screen, there is a mention of X-Plane Airliner’”which has not been released or announced yet. So, piloting a 747 on your iPhone/Touch while you’re wasting away the hours in coach can’t be too far off!

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