X-Plane 9 First Look

Lookout for a new version of X-Plane 9 shortly:

X-Plane 9.01 for iPhone has been uploaded a few days ago, and is pending approval by Apple. X-Plane 9.01 has a number of cool improvements over 9.01:

25% frame-rate improvement! I REALLY like the increased fluidity of the sim in 9.01 thanks to this increase.

X-Plane, one of the most powerful and realistic flight simulators on the desktop, which has been used to create actual airplanes, has come to the iPhone.

Released to the App Store yesterday for $9.99, X-Plane is the first flight simulator on the platform.

Players can choose from several different aircraft, view angles, and flight conditions. While the desktop version allows the player to fly around the world, or into space, in the iPhone release flight is limited to the area around Innsbruck, Austria’”where rugged terrain makes for some exciting flight.

We spent many hours in X-Plane 7 on the desktop designing and flying aircraft, and look forward to looking at X-Plane on the iPhone.

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