Where’s My Water Videos Coming to YouTube

The very first Where’s My Water? animated episode is now online! In this short cartoon, which you can find on Youtube, Disney.com, or embedded below, Swampy discovers a new mode of transportation. Could this be a hint at future gameplay modes for the series, or is it just a fun diversion for the Disney Mobile mascot? Check out the video, with all of Swampy’s adorable grunts and growls, directly below.

The New York Times reported today that Disney and YouTube have partnered up to produce several series of videos, one of which will be based on Disney’s popular iOS puzzle game Where’s My Water?

The agreement, which includes the two companies investing between $10 million and $15 million to create the videos, is part of a larger plan by YouTube to bring more professional content to the site.

The storyline of Where’s My Water is told in a text-free series of images in the game. Basically, an alligator named Swampy wants to take a shower, but other alligators, including one named Cranky, want to stop him. It would seem that they’ll have to expand the universe of the game to turn that concept into a cartoon, but if anyone can pull that off, it’s Disney.

The companies haven’t announced when the videos will debut, but we’re looking forward to seeing what becomes of Swampy and co. Will Where’s My Water become as big a hit as Angry Birds?

[Via The New York Times]

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