We Rule Hits 3 Million Kingdoms, Offers Free Mojo

Shoring up their dominion over the Free Apps list, Ngmoco announced recently that their monarchy simulator We Rule just hit 3 million users. To celebrate, they’re giving away free Mojo and discounts on virtual items.

Mojo is the We Rule equivalent of Gro in We Farm or Awe in Godfinger, and you can get 20 Mojo if you log into We Rule or download We Rule Gold before Monday, August 9. Mojo normally costs real-world money, or a lot of time and effort, to accumulate. You’ll also receive 25% off all buildings, realms, and decorations (which are bought with game money, not real money).

Ngmoco also provided us with some fun facts to highlight what 3 million virtual kings and queens can accomplish:

We Rulers have played 2.2 billion minutes and counting.

So far, We Rulers have built enough roads to wrap almost 3 times around the Earth.

So far, We Rulers have created enough rivers to more than 3 times the length of the Nile.

So far, We Rulers have built 70 times the number of buildings in New York City.

Based on We Rule’s popularity, Ngmoco seems to be finding success at reaching casual gamers and giving them a reason to keep playing. Their currently announced but unreleased games include .Touch Pets: Cats, We City, and the next Eliminate (shown to us as Weapons Free).

Our guess is that Ngmoco’s next social sim game will be a western in the style of Zynga’s Frontierville, or a Mafia Wars-style game. What would you like to see Ngmoco attempt for their next free game?

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