Valve Releases Steam Mobile

When it was released last week, the Steam Mobile app was in beta testing, so not everyone could use it. Things must have gone as Valve had planned, because now it’s now available to everyone. No longer will you have to use the clunky full website in mobile Safari to see what PC games are on sale, chat with friends, or buy games. If you’re a dedicated Steam gamer, you might as well download the app now by clicking here.

iOS gaming is what we’re about, but from time to time even iOS gamers like to do a little gaming on the side, if you know what we mean. If PC gaming is your thing, then no doubt you’re already deeply familiar with the Steam gaming platform. Today Valve released a free iPhone app called Steam Mobile that lets you connect to your Steam account wherever you may be.

The app lets you browse your friends’ profiles, chat with buddies, check out games and screenshots, and add titles to your wishlist. Of course, it also lets you buy games as well. However, Steam Mobile is currently in a closed beta, so you may not have access yet. To request access, just download the app and sign in.

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