Upcoming Snuggle Truck Update Includes Online Level Editor

A few months ago, we were captivated by the slightly controversial Smuggle Truck, which changed its image shortly before launch to become Snuggle Truck. This great game will soon be updated to version 1.5, and with that comes custom level creation and the ability to share your levels online.

The developer, Owlchemy Labs, has posted on their blog about the update, which should be on the App Store in a few weeks. Version 1.5 will not only include bug fixes, optimization, and user interface tweaks, but it’ll contain a new feature called the Level Portal. The Level Portal and level editor will allow you to create, download, rate, and share user-generated levels.

There’s a video walkthrough of Snuggle Truck 1.5 below, so check it out if you’re a big fan of smuggling stuffed animals into the zoo.

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