Tuesday Twitter Giveaway: Zombie Cannon Carnage, Alice in Wonderland, Vancouver 2010, and more

We’ve chosen our winners! See which current events would make for interesting iPhone games, and who wins this week’s promo codes.

Codes go out for the following tweets:

@themendoz: Toyota death race: PvP racing game. Your biggest rival is gas/brake failure. (Hint: everybody loses)

@iskymeow: Google RPG! Defend yourself from hacker attacks while striving for political control & global domination

@brentwomble: Record snowfall in Texas – play different rodeo events in the snow, with snowman rodeo clowns.

@meany105: ngmocman remake of pacman where you gather money while being chased by ghosts of failed iPhone developers

@dewuk: Taylor Swift’s Podium Defense: Use infectious tweener-pop to protect your VMA from Kanye’s egomania.

@jwcasser: Beware of the Hair:Rod Blagojevich is back. A WhackaMole game hit everyone w/Rod’s hair and save the cash!

@geeksrock: No flash for iPad: (iPad Tower Defense) Defend your precious iPad from neverending swarms of Flash icons!

@twiter314: Economic Rollercoaster Rush: Ride a new set of stock-market theme coasters in another reskin by DCHOC!

@appstorereviews: Definitely AC Transit Bus Fight game where you play as Epic Beard man. Bring the amber lamps!

Thanks to everyone who entered, and we’ll have another giveaway next Tuesday.

This week our Tuesday Twitter Giveaway represents a cross-section of culture: A new movie-based game, the Winter Olympics, and zombies being shot out of cannons. Read on for your chance to win!

Sorry, but zombie superheroes are not eligible to win.

To enter, just follow us on Twitter and tweet a response to the following question:

Like the Olympics, what’s one news story (sports, politics, business, or entertainment) from the last few months that would make for a fun iPhone game? Be sure to describe your game as well.

The rules: You must be in the U.S. to redeem a game code. Enter once per person. You must be following us on Twitter and include @slidetoplay and the URL http://bit.ly/cDgik7 in your answer to be eligible to win.

Prizes this week: We have game codes for the following: Alice in Wonderland, Zombie Cannon Carnage, Vancouver 2010, Tumbledrop, and Eco Punk. We’ll pick 9 winners total to win one game code each.

Here’s a sample answer:

@slidetoplay Tiger Woods Mistress Meltdown: Swing a golf club to make hearts fly out of your cheating golf superstar husband’s car. http://bit.ly/cDgik7

We’ll pick our nine winners tomorrow afternoon around 2pm Pacific. Good luck, everyone!

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