Tuesday Twitter Giveaway: Wolfenstein RPG T-Shirts and More

We have our winners! Click through to see who won, and what their best id moments were.

Wolfenstein RPG T-shirts go to these four Twitter followers:

NoSkill_McGrill: @SlideToPlay Doom 1 : Rabbit Head on a stick. I remember my friend got nauseous and almost lost his lunch. http://bit.ly/CrdjJ

Kamblad: @slidetoplay At a drunken party in the ninth grade I started playing Doom, became dizzy, and woke up in a cold shower http://bit.ly/CrdjJ

sf49lu: @slidetoplay Best id moment is when broken super nintendo starts working after I put wolfenstein 3d in! http://bit.ly/CrdjJ

appfreak: @slidetoplay my best id moment was teaching my girlfriend how to play Wolfestein on her iPhone http://bit.ly/CrdjJ

Here are our two runners-up, who won codes for The Deep Pinball and iMEvil.

evanmaroun: @slidetoplay Best id moment is Getting the BFG in DOOM and destroying monsters like no other! http://bit.ly/CrdjJ

dazzlemi@slidetoplay Best id moment is when wolf 3d came out on the pc – we never knew what we were in for !! http://bit.ly/CrdjJ

Thanks to everyone for playing! We’ll see you back here tomorrow, when we’ll be giving out even more game codes.

Tuesday’s rolled around again, like it always does, and this week we have an extra special, non-virtual prize for you! We have four black Wolfenstein RPG T-Shirts (size XL) that we’ll mail to four lucky winners, plus some non-id game codes for the runners-up. Click ahead for contest rules.

Fiery undead skeletons are not eligible to win.

Here’s what you have to do. Follow us on Twitter and answer the following question: What’s your most memorable id gaming moment, and why?

We’ll pick four winners, and two runners-up will also win codes for The Deep pinball and iMEvil, a soundboard of deep, demonic taunts. You must include @slidetoplay and the link http://bit.ly/CrdjJ to be eligible. “Id gaming moments” include moments from games developed, produced, or published by id Software or id Mobile.

You must be following our Twitter account so we can direct message you if you win. Also, you can only enter once per person and must be in the US to receive a shirt or use the codes.

A sample entry looks like this:

@slidetoplay Best id moment is when BJ picks up a chain gun in Wolf 3D- His grin is the true face of righteous justice! http://bit.ly/CrdjJ

Ok everyone, good luck! We’ll see you here tomorrow at 2pm Pacific to announce the winners.

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