Tuesday Twitter Giveaway: Universal Studios Swag

Our winners are in! Click ahead to see who won codes and swag, and to see how often you guys buy games on the App Store!

Winners of the Swag Pack

@extreme472000: I buy new games all the time, i admit it, i am addicted to my ipod!

@marianya: I purchase in phases. Sometimes I’ll buy apps like crazy, then none at all, only to buy like crazy again

Winners of Game Codes

@iosquattro: I buy new games once a week, and more than usual on Thursdays, once the new game reviews slide in :)

@FSNsaber: Usually a few times a week, on Sundays mostly.

@njsunbunny: We buy or download at least one new game a week from the App store!

@bioadamsnews: I download new iOS games almost every day. Mostly free. Maybe one a month I will buy them.

@Alzep: I buy new games every day, hate those IAP so I go full price out the door

@orlandobum: I buy lots of iOS games each week. Of course, it depends on how many get a “must have” status from @slidetoplay

@dxfan101010: I download at least 4 apps a week. Got to keep myself entertained during class :)

@imosmo: Must download something from itunes store everyday

@dorothyrivera: Every week I spend money to get a game after I first read the reviews.

@willsawya: I buy new games every time I’m at the DMV,coffeeshopline,doctor,dentist pretty much everywhere with a wait

@curthons: At least once a week, but lately I’ve been downloading a lot more thanks to slidetoplay.com <3

@BeyondCat: I buy one game a week, and they have to be universal apps! iCloud will soon be a requirement too.

@stricklyall: I get a game every 2-3 days on average. I share an account with my sister to save.

@gycheng: Usually I buy 3-4 games/month.

@RubbyLoo: I usually buy new games after results from tech-sites’ Game of the Week are out and usual on Sat nights.

This week, we’ve got more than just game codes for you to win! The creators of Universal Movie Tycoon want to send you one of two Universal Studios prize packs, containing a mug, backpack, and hat. To win, all you have to do is send us a tweet. Read on for the full rules!

Win this Universal Studios swag, and maybe they’ll let you on the lot.

This week, you can win one of two prize packs containing the mug, backpack, and hat pictured above. Only U.S. residents can receive a prize pack, though. In addition to the gear from Universal Movie Tycoon, we’re also giving away promo codes for Azkend 2, Burger Cat, Cannon Cat, Got Cow?, and Wheels of Ages.

To win, first follow us on Twitter. Then, tweet a response to this question:

How often do you buy or download new games on the App Store?

Make sure you include @slidetoplay and the URL http://bit.ly/IrlLAP in your response. Limit your responses to one per person. You must be following us on Twitter to win.

We’ll pick 17 winners at random this week: Two swag bag winners, and 15 game code winners. A sample tweet looks like this:

We buy new games every day, and more than usual on Wednesday nights. @slidetoplay http://bit.ly/IrlLAP

Remember, you have to provide your own response– don’t just copy the sample. Good luck!

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