Tuesday Twitter Giveaway: Strange Clouds and More

Earlier this week, we asked you about your hopes and dreams for the iPhone 5 and gaming. Now that we know what the iPhone 5 is capable of, we can safely say there will be no holographic projectors or virtual reality–but it’s still nice to dream.

The following Tweets won codes.

@technicat902: I would add force feedback to iPhone 5 games, so you could have a more realistic gaming experience.

@DWRKxMonkey: I would add two mini joysticks and left and right triggers, so the iPhone can be better for gaming.

@Noshizd: I would add around 2 more buttons to make the gaming experience more like a handheld gaming console

@Tuism: I would add default iPhone-iPad control connectivity to iOS games like analog sticks!

@tonyxhorror: access to Game Center online. kind of like a social network, cause we always need another one of those.

@Salazarzzz: I would add WiFi Display to iPhone 5, so I can play my fave games on HDTV.

@JamesZzzzzzz: I would add 3D holographic effect to iPhone 5 games.

@KireflyonGC: I would add a “save slot” feature to iPhone 5 so you can save game files for a deleted game.

@suqiongmao: I wish iPhone 5 support iCade naturally.

@RubbyLoo: I would add wireless charging to iPhone 5 to play games nonstop :)

@SarraKwoon: I would like to add more gestures in games for iPhone 5

@IvannkaFameera: I would like to add more screen for the iPhone 5.

@BaldemarMerlo: i would add an analog stick to the iphone for hardcore gamers that want better controls for games.

@test4rt: I would add some accessories with virtual reality technology to iPhone5 games, e.g. VR glasses.

@KangConnie: I would add new accessories such as micro projector to iPhone 5. I can play games on a bigger screen.

@DCloseTweets: I would add permanent access to purchased IAP, so if a game ever left your phone the content would not.

@lolmian: If I could add the feature bluetooth control to connect with any bluetooth joystick, it would be nice.

@Dreg_Mogul: I would love to see better haptic feedback supported for virtual joystick games.

@ScarySpiderY: I would add voice control to iPhone 5 games.

@agleung: I would add stereo speakers to iPhone 5 games, so u can sense what direction the bullets are raining from.

@Kunkka1986: I would add camera control to iPhone 5 games, just like a little Kinect.

@Losomontana: I would make every game have Game Center support on the iPhone 5, Bring the iOS gaming community together

Join us next week for another giveaway!

To help see you through the week, we’re back with our regular game code giveaway! Today we’re featuring game codes for the trippy, musical space game, Strange Clouds: The Game by B.o.B., plus a lot more. Read on for this week’s rules!

This week, we’ve got codes for Strange Clouds: The Game by B.o.B., Missile Storm, Dwarf Quest, and SubCat HD.

To win, first follow us on Twitter. Then, tweet a response to this question:

If you could add any new gaming features to the iPhone 5, what would it be?

Make sure you include @slidetoplay and the URL http://bit.ly/TTG912 in your response. Limit your responses to one per person. You must be following us on Twitter to win.

We’ll pick 22 winners at random this week. A sample tweet looks like this:

I would add voice control to iPhone 5 games, so you could have Siri bring you more ammo in a firefight. @slidetoplay http://bit.ly/TTG912

Remember, you have to provide your own response– don’t just copy the sample. Good luck!

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