Tuesday Twitter Giveaway: Secret of Mana, The 7th Guest, and More

Our winners are in! Click ahead to see what games are taking up all your time lately, and who won codes!

The following tweets win a game code:

@RampagedDeath: Cut the Rope is the game I’m playing most of the time. Simple gameplay yet challenging at the same time.

@AndyPhifer: Since the new update hit, I’m trying to master all the new Infinity Blade items. Game is killing my sleep.

@Dombard: still, after great games by gameloft and ea, my most time-sucking game is Star Dunk. It’s so challenging

@ChaoticKarma23: The iPhone game sucking up most of my time these days is Puzzle World.

@HeadphoneBlack: ive been playing Aralon: Sword and Shadow HD non stop!! Already gave 10 hours to the amazing game!

@pizzirani: I’ve been stuck playing SimCity Deluxe. Can’t stop playing.

@Zero_iPhone: Despite all of the major releases, I’ve been spending the most time on Illusia.

@resen7: Who knew Spirit was all you needed to buy to have a great time on an iPod during the holidays

@RUBICN64: I would have to say Angry Birds has been sucking most of my time.

@RustySabre: Kung Fu Santa – every time I go to play something else it mysteriously shows up on my screen.

@anndreilla: Some people want me to go to rehab, because I’m addicted to N.O.V.A. 2 but I say NO,NO,NO. I love it! :-)

@mstoneman93: I’ve been flung away by Angry Birds and haven’t crash landed to the ground yet.

@ayanachicbi: I’ve entered the Eternal Legacy tunnel and haven’t found the way out yet

@BMilanello: It is hard to pick it up just one, but I would say “World of Goo”. Cannot avoid the gooeyness!

@mjharwoodaz: I’ve been fighting my way through Infinity Blade and loving every slash & stab!

@jwcasser: Still working on Dungeon Hunters 2. Level 100 cap now anyone?!?

@Stirolak123: Ive been playing the super monkey balls games that went on sale by sega. Great, challenging tilt games.

@fornate: I’ve been playing Braveheart. Beat it on hard mode, and now I’m just in it for the money.

@TH3__B34st: I’ve been sucked into the EPIC that is Infinity Blade

@santanior: I’m stuck with Queen’s Crown! Just can’t stop helping the queen find her lost crown even I’m in toilet!

@glevitan: Cant stop playing Across Age HD….brings me back to my SuperNes dayz.

Congratulations to all our winners! We’ll have another giveaway for you next Tuesday, but keep checking @slidetoplay for random giveaways throughout the week.

Oh man. Today’s giveaway will blow your mind right out of your head. It’s that good. Today we’re giving you a chance to win codes for Secret of Mana, The 7th Guest, Super Mega Worm Vs Santa, or Vikings Can Fly. To win, just tweet an answer to this week’s question.

Win Secret of Mana, and you can whack Twitter character limits too.

To win a game code, first follow us on Twitter and then tweet a response to this question:

Now that the big games rush on the App Store is dying down, what iPhone game is sucking up the most of your time these days?

To be eligible, you must be following us on Twitter. Enter once per person, and you must include @slidetoplay and the URL http://bit.ly/hmm42G in your answer. Codes are only good in the US App Store.

A sample answer looks like this:

@slidetoplay I’ve dived into the world of Aralon: Sword and Shadow HD and haven’t resurfaced yet. http://bit.ly/hmm42G

Good luck, everyone!

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