Tuesday Twitter Giveaway: Plants vs Zombies, X2 Snowboarding, And More

The winners have been selected! Read on to find out which anti-zombie apps we’ll all be clamoring for in the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

The winners of the Plants vs Zombies gear are the following:

@ChristianKontis: My anti-zombie app would be “Trapster” inspired. User voted hotspots, survivor meet-ups, & ammo locations.

@themendoz: My ideal anti-Zombie app is the Zombieland rules to remember what to do in each situation. Dont be a hero!

A code for Plants vs Zombies goes to:

@iskymeow: An app that emits BRAAAAINwaves.

A code for Across Age goes to:

@Dewuk: My anti-Zombie app searches local wifi for speakers and pumps Thriller; Zombies dance in unison; I escape.

A code for Space Miner goes to:

@Arturpol: My ideal anti-Zombie app would have a zombie dictionary to learn how to talk with zombies.

A code for Rise of the Triad goes to:

@GiordanoTJ: I would like to have a zombie database app to help figure out what kinda zombie is chasing me.

And codes for X2 Snowboarding go to:

@AdamShear: my ideal anti zombie app would make my iPhone connect to a tank via bluetooth to blow multi zombie heads.

@Ravenlock: I think I’d go with the recorded sounds of a vapid teenager or other cliche zombie victim; throw it & run!

Remember, only entries that followed ALL the rules were eligible to win. If you didn’t win, try again next Tuesday! Congrats to the winners.

Our Tuesday Twitter Giveaway this week is filled with big, big prizes! We have game codes for Plants vs Zombies, X2 Snowboarding, Across Age, Space Miner, and Rise of the Triad. Plus, we have some awesome Plants vs Zombies gear, including a mousepad, iPhone skin, window sticker, and pack of PvZ-branded sunflower seeds! Read on for the full rules.

Sorry, but Crazy Dave is not eligible to win.

To enter, just follow us on Twitter and tweet a response to the following question:

Describe your own anti-Zombie utility app. You know, just in case.

Typical rules: You must be in the U.S. to redeem a game code or receive the prize pack. Enter once per person. You must be following us on Twitter and include @slidetoplay and the URL http://bit.ly/8X6hHP in your answer to be eligible to win.

Prizes this week: You can win one code for either PvZ, Across Age, Space Miner, and Rise of the Triad, or one of two X2 Snowboarding codes. Also, we have two PvZ “prize packs”, described above. If you would like to decline a prize for any reason (you either own a certain game already or don’t want the prize pack) just let us know in a separate tweet containing @slidetoplay.

Here’s a sample answer:

@slidetoplay My ideal anti-Zombie app would give a Google Maps readout of nearby gun shops, malls, and hardware stores. http://bit.ly/8X6hHP

We’ll pick our eight winners tomorrow afternoon around 2pm Pacific. Good luck, everyone!

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