Tuesday Twitter Giveaway: NFL 2010, Gomi, and QuitIt!

And here are the winners! Thanks to everyone who entered for being such a good “sport”.

A code for NFL 2010 goes to @DOG87 for this new sport idea:

@slidetoplay Brockey, A combination of breaking things and hockey Shoot pucks at items and people, the most damage wins http://bit.ly/WmiXO

Our runners-up, after the break.

Second place, a copy of Gomi, goes to @bobnmullen for this:

@slidetoplay My sport would be A cross between circuit racing and paintball. Paintball guns mounted to my cars hood! http://bit.ly/WmiXO

And third place, a copy of Quitit!, goes to @Yrogerg212 for his idea:

@slidetoplay my sport: bouncyball. Throw your iphone as hard as you can @ the ground.Points 4 high ‘bounces’. W/ waiver. http://bit.ly/WmiXO

Thanks everyone, we’ll see you back here tomorrow for another killer giveaway!

For our loyal readers and Twitter followers, here’s another chance to win some quality iPhone games. This week, the prizes are NFL 2010, Gomi, and QuitIt!

Yes, even the ‘Niners want to win our giveaways.

To win, you need to follow us on Twitter and then tweet a response to the following question: If you could invent your own sport and put it on the iPhone, what would it be? The three most clever or creative answers will win a code.

Other rules: You must be in the US to claim your review code. You must include @slidetoplay and http://bit.ly/WmiXO in your tweet. Here’s an example of an eligible entry:

@slidetoplay My sport would be Calvinball, because I love Calvin & Hobbes. Shake the phone to make Hobbes eat tuna! http://bit.ly/WmiXO

You must also be following us on Twitter, so we can send you your prize through direct message if you win. Winners will be announced tomorrow around 2pm PST. Good luck, everyone!

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