Tuesday Twitter Giveaway: Namco Prize Packs

The winners are in! Click to see who won the prize packs, and what you think are the best 4th of July games!

The grand prize winner is:

@pikamookie the best game for july 4th is battle for wesnoth…fight for your independence!!

The second place winner is:

@LJ1337 The best game for the 4th of July is Pocket God! Celebrate with the Pygmies as they dance to fireworks!

Winners of the promo codes are:

@DimerHunton The best 4th of July game is BirdStrike, because you’re riding fireworks half of the game!

@Thunder_pulse Bird Strike is the best 4th of July game, because the birdy flies on fireworks and makes balloons explode!

@esjWBRU The best 4th of July game is Boomshine. It’s the cheapest fireworks show in town.

@jclewis41 The best 4th of July game is Orbital, the balls going up look exactly like fireworks.

@Nokendoman Tap Tap Revenge 3, because even if you live in Canada, and don’t celebrate the 4th of July, there

@Tikicobra Orbital, because it’s so bright and, well, fireworksy.

@mycupofjuice best game for the 4th is Super Quick Hook, lots of content w/ more on the way, and probably the best controls for a iPhone game

@Bobwmc The best 4th of July game is Doodle Jump since he looks like a firework when shooting up

@willsawya The best 4th of July game is Space Miner, blasting asteroids is like a fireworks show for the galaxy!!!

@MotoX_2 The best 4th of July game is Trenches, because it reminds me of us Americans fighting against the British

@bbbaddict The best 4th of July game is Home Run Battle 3D because it’s a Great American pastime

@imryanhi Best 4th of July game has to be Angry Birds cuz its always awesome…expecially if the eggs made fireworks

@aznriceboi13 The best 4th of July game is Super Quickhook, exploded in lava multiple times is like fireworks to me :D

@TwoKyool The best 4th of July game is Plants vs Zombies because we can’t let the Zombies take out Plants’ freedom

@1Varo Pew Pew 2 those exploding colorful shapes are perfect for the fourth of July!

@GeeksRock The best 4th of July game is Chuck Norris: BTP. Cus there’s nothing like kicking ass on Independence Day!

@Phattestfatty the best 4thofjuly game is Bird strike because it has the best American theme out there

@The_Swiftman Best 4th of July game will be Doodle Jump, because they better have a 4th of July theme…

Congrats to all the winners this week!

This Tuesday we’re celebrating 30 years of Pac-Man with a couple of prize packs from Namco. The grand prize is a backpack full of goodies, second place is a Pac-Man t-shirt, and there are plenty of promo codes to win as well.

First place wins a Pac-Man 30 Year Anniversary backpack, water bottle, lanyard, USB drive, Pac-Man t-shirt (size L), and Pac-Man fleece jacket (size XL). Second place wins a t-shirt and various Namco toys like a Pool Pro Online 3 Magic 8 Ball.

Happy anniversary, you insatiable circle.

18 third place winners will receive a promo code for one of the following games: Pep the Dragon, HTR High Tech Racing, Soccer Stealers, or Fragger.

To enter, just follow us on Twitter and tweet a response to the following question:

What’s the best iPhone game for the Fourth of July, and why?

We’ll use your answers for an upcoming list in GameFinder.

Other rules: You must be following us on Twitter to win. You must be in the United States to receive the Namco packs, and the game codes are only good in the US App Store. Enter once per person.

You must also include @slidetoplay and the URL http://bit.ly/cV6EQE to be eligible to win. A sample tweet looks like this:

@slidetoplay The best 4th of July game is Meteor Blitz HD, because all those exploding bad guys look like fireworks. http://bit.ly/cV6EQE

We’ll pick our winners randomly tomorrow, so check back then to see if you’ve won. Good luck!

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