Tuesday Twitter Giveaway: Modern Combat 2, Sonic 4, and More!

Our winners are in! This was one of our busiest giveaways, and with the caliber of prizes, we’re not surprised. Click ahead to see who takes home new game codes, and what your favorite multiplayer games are as well.

The following tweets win a game code:

@likeapps: my favourite Multiplayer is N.O.V.A and Modern Combat: Sandstorm

@corleno: My favorite multiplayer game is Fruit ninja,cause the wifes gotta know who rules in the kitchen too :P

@OctarineWit: my favorite one is Charadium. One of the few games I have not gotten bored of yet. Pure, unadulterated fun

@JamesLFrederick: My favorite multiplayer game is Words With Friends. I love word games.

@enygmadraco: I love competitive slicing in Fruit Ninja. Multiplayer brings a whole new dimension to the game.

@Miki_Pfeiffer: My favorite multiplayer game is exo-planet it’s a great multiplayer game :)

@Drexra: My favorite multiplayer game is dominion. It lets me play risk without the board or the messy pieces!

@songbirdeeee: My favorite multiplayer game is Blokus, awesome logic strategy game!

@DeZ191: My favorite multiplayer game is Words with friends. Just fun to play at your own pace.

@lr1919 Luke: My favorite multiplayer game is Carcassonne. High polish, and how a board game should play on the iphone.

@awp69: Probably not a popular choice, but I really like StarDunk’s multiplayer. Simple but fun contests.

@IAmTimBaker: My fav multiplayer game is Fruit Ninja because its’ the only game that makes my wife care about the iPad!

@friedoctopus37: my favorite multiplayer game is Quizarium. I love the trivia!

@Ham_Tyler: My favorite multiplayer game is COD:Zombies. Smooth and where else can you smash dead nazis with friends?

@iAreTimmy: Archetype would have to be my fav online multiplayer app. The grenade spamming makes it all worth while.

@Thunder_pulse: My favorite multiplayer game is Light Bike 2. Killing them in virtual space with bikes and light!

@dorothyrivera: My favorite is N.O.V.A. I hope I’m not to late!

@joshualioy: My favorite multiplayer game is the multiplayer feature in Asphalt 5 just because it rocks!

@asianness: Quizarium because i cant draw but i like guessing with others.

@_redban: My favorite multiplayer game is Modern Combat 2!

Congratulations to all our winners! We’ll have another giveaway for you next Tuesday, but keep checking @slidetoplay for random giveaways throughout the week.

For today’s giveaway, we’re giving you a chance to win the hottest new shooter and and the fastest new platformer to hit the App Store! Yes, we’re talking about Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus and Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1 specifically, but we’ve got even more codes than that to give away. To win, just tweet an answer to this week’s question.

We’ve got codes for Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus; Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1; BrainDead 13; Squish the Zombie, and UFO on Tape. Twenty winners will be chosen randomly.

Win Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus, and you can make stealth kills without going to jail!

To win, first follow us on Twitter and then tweet a response to this question:

What’s your favorite multiplayer game, either local or online, on the App Store, and why?

To be eligible, you must be following us on Twitter. Enter once per person, and you must include @slidetoplay and the URL http://bit.ly/aadFq7 in your answer. Codes are only good in the US App Store.

A sample answer looks like this:

@slidetoplay My favorite multiplayer game is Charadium. Online Pictionary rules! http://bit.ly/aadFq7

We’ll use some of your answers to create a GameFinder list called “Best Multiplayer Games”. Winners will be chosen tomorrow afternoon. Good luck, everyone!

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