Tuesday Twitter Giveaway: Kard Combat Posters and More

Our Tuesday Twitter Winners are in! Click ahead to see who wins an awesome Kard Combat poster, and who gets promo codes for their tweets!

The following tweets win game codes, and the top three with US/Canadian addresses will win a poster.

@zylchcheesecake: I prefer Unblock Me on ios to Rush Hour (board); it’s just so much smoother and looks simple but awesome

@lr1919: My favorite iOS board game is Neuroshima Hex on iPhone because the battle round is killer to watch.

@PCbasic5: My favorite iOS board game is MONOPOLY for iPad, because i dont have to deal with any “real” money

@Buffy110: My favorite iOS board game is Carcassonne. It’s a great game, but takes a little getting used to.

@marvin88v: My favorite board game for iOS is scrabble, so you won’t have to interact with real people!

@Tom2612: My favorite card/board game is carcassonne because you can play it with people around the world!

@alee67: My favorite iOS board game is Scrabble, because it keeps track of the score for you.

@Cedricc_: My favorite board game on iPod touch is Catan

@agleung: My favorite iOS board game is Monopoly HD on the iPad, because of the animations are tops.

@delta9999: My favorite iOS board game is Monopoly HD on the iPad, because I don’t have to do all that boring math!

@hunterkorvis: I like Ascension on ios, no cleanup and easy setup for a new game!

@VolcomBrandon: My favorite iOS card game would be UNO by gameloft! Playing with my friends and online is so much fun!

@steo85: I’m currently playing Shadow Era, it’s so far the best CCG for the iDevices.

@sstaver: Monopoly, because the game keeps track of all the money and piece positions! :D

@AshtonTiller: I prefer to play good old solitaire on my iPhone,

@rann78: My favorite iOS board game is Monopoly HD for iPad.

@nickvargish: I prefer playing Carcassonne on #iOS because the scoring is confusing… Let the iTouch do the math!

@Nachotay: My favorite card game on ios is Risk even though it is not a card game

@Elektromagneto: My favorite iOS board game is Catan HD for iPad. No board setup time necessary!

@fornate: My favorite board game to play on the iPad is Monopoly, because my god that game takes forever to put away.

Thanks for playing, everyone!

For this week’s Tuesday Twitter Giveaway, we’ve got even more physical prizes to send you. This week, three winners can pick one of the posters below from the game Kard Combat to hang on their wall.

Each poster will be autographed on the back by Richard Garfield, the creator of Magic: The Gathering and co-creator of Kard Combat, and by the development team at Hothead Games. If you’re one of the three poster winners, you’ll be able to choose from one of the following designs.

If you don’t win a poster, you can still win one of 20 game codes for ChromaBricks, Rat Fishing, or Parachute Plummet.

To win, just follow these instructions.

First, make sure you’re following us on Twitter. Then, tweet a response to this question:

What’s a board or card game that you actually prefer to play on an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad?

Make sure you include @slidetoplay and the URL http://bit.ly/oaJVZk in your response. Limit your responses to one per person. You must be following us on Twitter to win. Posters can only be shipped to the US or Canada.

We’ll pick three poster winners tomorrow afternoon at random, and 20 game code winners. A sample tweet looks like this:

My favorite iOS card game is Bang! HD on the iPad, because saloon shootouts are intense. @slidetoplay http://bit.ly/oaJVZk

Good luck, everyone!

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