Tuesday Twitter Giveaway: Frogatto, Armageddon, and More

Our winners are in! Click ahead to see what your sequels are, as well as who wins a brand new iPhone game!

iPhone game codes go to the following Twitter followers:

@jasonjinct: I love iBomber 2, I can blow up the enemies buildings and units into pieces whenever I want!

@bboy1895: Chopper 2 is pretty amazing, using that ipad iphone compatibility!

@jessestell: I love Zenonia 2 because it’s the return of mah favorite Zelda clone ever! Also, it has a cool name.

@EtherealZephyr: I love Monkey Island 2, because it’s just so darn addictive!

@thewesker: Train Commander 2. Controlling trains in the USA is wicked awesome.

@Cedricc_: Zen Bound 2 brings more rest because of the relaxing new music,the beautiful visuals and the new gameplay!

@Blshaul: iAssociate 2 – Because it gives me a good excuse to pester my boyfriend!

@incineratee: I love Alive 4 Ever Returns, because it added some RPG elements and i love shooter RPG games.

@technokid20: My favorite sequel is Sentinel 2, because it has a lot of content, great graphics, and is overall a really good TD game.

@eowyae: I love Fast and Furious Adrenaline, because it’s much more solid

@ngcm: Monkey Island 2 is great because I can plunder without fear of repercussions

@Karuko: I love TrainConduct2, because it’s America baby!

@pacifictrim: Super Quick Hook is not only the best iPhone sequel, it’s probably the best game on the app store.

@pikamookie: Definitely Zen Bound 2. Totally chills out my day!

@NICHIFETT: I love Super Monkey Ball 2, because the characters are so cute!

@WriterAtLarge: I got a real kick out of Let’s Golf! 2; I am not a golf game fan, but I can’t stop playing it.

@Donovan1209: Ragdoll Blaster 2 is my favorite sequel, it added tons of levels and changed the art style for the better!

@fre102: My fav sequel is Tap Tap Revenge 2 because it builds on the already amazing, and original iOS rhythm game.

@madamocta: My favourite sequel is Secret of Monkey Island 2 because of the amazing and funny plots and numerous jokes

@Dexra: My favorite sequel is super quick hook. It is because of the varying difficulty and gorgeous graphics!

@indaclub_: I love Brother In Arms 2. Because it has online Multiplayer !

@KoOne23: I love Inotia2, because it ‘s a new everything! Brought to a whole new level. + MultiPLAYER!

@lr1919: Quickhook is by far my fav sequel. Improved in every way, updates!, can’t get enough of avalanche mode.

@raptor200: I love Zen Bound 2, because brilliant original concept should never die!

@joeytitans: Definitely Rolando 2.who could resist tilting your iPhone 2get cute rolandos to the finish!

@Reginaald: My favorite sequel would have to be Tap Tap Revenge 3. Who doesn’t love a good rhythm game?

Congratulations to all our winners! We’ll have another giveaway next Tuesday.

It’s Tuesday again, and we’ve got 26 iPhone game codes that we need to get rid of ASAP. Help us dispose of them in an environmentally responsible way, won’t you?

Win Frogatto and you’ll be saving the world from cat pilots in no time.

The full list of games we’re giving away this week includes: Frogatto, Armageddon, Amor: The Unicorn Keep, Watermelon, IsoCards, Just 1 Level, Just Half, Hexius, and Blobstacle.

To win a game code, just follow us on Twitter and respond to this question:

What is your favorite iPhone or iPad game that’s a sequel, and why?

More rules: You must include @slidetoplay and the URL http://bit.ly/bAVXNs in your answer. Codes are only good in the U.S. App Store. You must be following us on Twitter to win. Enter once per person.

A sample tweet looks like this:

@slidetoplay I love Hero of Sparta 2, because it makes me feel almighty! http://bit.ly/bAVXNs

We’ll have the results for you tomorrow afternoon. Good luck!

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