Tuesday Twitter Giveaway: Autographed Monty Python Artwork

This week’s Tuesday Twitter Giveaway is done for. Click ahead to see which Monty Python bits would make good iPhone games, and who won a promo code and Terry Gilliam art.

The following tweets win promo codes this week:

@daymanbyday: Irritate Us HD: I picture a game where you have to irritate people different ways dpending on who they are

@brentwomble: The Ministry of Funny Walks. Gestures add goofiness to gaits.

@smes3817: “Bring out your dead!” You have to sort people that are and are not dead yet on an ever growing pile.

@derangeddingo: I’d like a sidescrolling action game in which Dennis Moore chases down carriages for their lilacs.

@strivemind: an Incredible Machine style physics puzzler using Terry Gilliam’s famous cartoons from the Flying Circus

Thanks to everyone who entered, and be sure to try again next week!

Just because we’re off this week covering WWDC and E3 doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about our wonderful readers. This week, we’re giving you a chance to win a piece of original iPhone-themed artwork designed and autographed by Terry Gilliam, one of the original members of Monty Python.

Five lucky winners will receive this autographed piece by artist and director Terry Gilliam.

To win a code for Monty Python’s Trivial Quizzical Quest and your autographed artwork, just follow these instructions. First, make sure you’re following us on Twitter. Then, tweet a response to this question:

Which Monty Python bit would make for a great iPhone game, and why?

Make sure you include @slidetoplay and the URL http://bit.ly/j3zxRT in your response. Limit your responses to one per person. You must be following us on Twitter to win. Please, only enter if you’re a dedicated Python fan.

We have five pieces of art and five codes to give away, so we’ll pick five winners tomorrow afternoon at random. Then, we’ll direct message you a game code and Zed Games will send you the art. A sample tweet looks like this:

The dead parrot sketch would be a great iPhone game. Like Tiny Wings, only he’s pining for the fjords, and dead. @slidetoplay http://bit.ly/j3zxRT

Good luck, everyone!

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