Tuesday Twitter Giveaway: $10 iTunes Gift Cards

Our winners are now in! 20 lucky readers were picked this week to receive a $10 iTunes gift card. Congrats to all of our winners, and be sure to check back tomorrow for another giveaway!

The following tweets win an iTunes gift card for $10:

@RobertHDX: I’m playing the uber addictive Jetpack Joyride!!

@BeyondCat: I hate to admit it but Ice Age Village has hooked both my kids and me! It’s nut-cracking mania!

@ZarieoZ: Bullet Time all the way, because It’s the most respectful freemium game to date +not pushing IAP

@balansse: I keep playing Tiny Tower because it is always interesting what floor will be unlocked next.

@pikamookie: It may not be original but I’m addicted to DrawSomething! I can’t stop! Love collecting +3 coins.

@KoOne23: I can’t get enough of Tree World cos Im lookin forward to summon new critters and growing a new branch!!!

@davidagold: Words With Friends is highly addictive – but isn’t it really just Scrabble?

@dreadnokv1: Snoopy’s Street Fair has me hooked their recent updates really reward you for playing #1 freemium

@soccastar001: I love Battle Nations. For a freemium game it is deep and fun and the developer shows it tons of love.

@DocFurrer: I can’t explain why PocketFrogs fascinatingly sucks away my time and real-world $$.

@voitek_dolinsky: I’m playing @DoodleGrub, the best snake game for the iPhone!

@jasonW2000: I keep playing JetPack Joyride which currently is FREE now. I wanna unlock all widgets, costumes and jets!

@MrNoName655: I’m still having fun with my Tap Tap Revenge 4 game, even over a year later.

@Arutune: I keep playing GT Racing: Motor Academy Free + because its one of the best racing game.

@Vercose: Currently playing Battle Bears Royale,best freemium that dont break my wallet and can enjoy it to max!

@bakilleen: I’m still playing Tiny Tower because it is freaking awesomely addictive.

@AyAmACR: I la-la-la-LOVE The Smurfs Village! It brings back the kid in me.

@MaxxHinn: Smurf Village is running strong in my current iPhone , also since early 2011, my village is so smurfff !

@kon_ami: Its a toss-up between 8 bit Ninja & Jetpack Joyride, especially that both have recent updates.

@Game_Lover22: I’ve been playing Jetpack Joyride non-stop especially since the newest gadget update has arrived.

Congratulations to all of our winners!

Every Tuesday, we like to give away extra promo codes from developers so that you can download new games for free. But with this week’s prize, you can download whatever you like. Read on for your chance to win a $10 US iTunes gift card!

Today, we have 20 $10 iTunes gift cards (US App Store only) courtesy of the makers of the free game Bloody Western.

To win, first follow us on Twitter. Then, tweet a response to this question:

Which freemium game are you currently playing that you can’t get enough of?

Make sure you include @slidetoplay and the URL http://bit.ly/Iw0gkI in your response. Limit your responses to one per person. You must be following us on Twitter to win.

We’ll pick 20 winners at random this week. This week’s contest is only open to readers with a US App Store account. A sample tweet looks like this:

I keep playing 8-bit Ninja because I’m just a few dragon eggs away from the next unlock. @slidetoplay http://bit.ly/Iw0gkI

Remember, you have to provide your own response– don’t just copy the sample. Good luck!

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