Trouble Brothers Bring Original Board Games To iOS

We just received word from Trouble Brother Jeff McCord that Cargo Runners has been accepted by Apple, and will be available next Thursday, June 30th for $7.99.

The game is iPad-only for now, and is confirmed to have online multiplayer. We’ve already got our copy and hope to bring you a review at launch. Until then, you’ll just have to make do with dreaming of life as a cargo bay worker.

We’ve seen plenty of board games digitized and remade for our iOS devices. They’re fun, but for the most part they’re the same games we’ve played since our childhood. Jeff McCord’s startup, Trouble Brothers, plans to remedy this by bringing original board games to the iOS first, and then releasing them as physical products.

You may recognize Jeff McCord as one half of the team who brought us Sword of Fargoal. He’s talked with us before, stopping by for a podcast and a video interview at E3 2010.

His latest startup, Trouble Brothers, is a dual effort between himself and Stephen Shippert. The two have a history in board games, most notably with the company Front Porch Classics. In fact, Jeff is even known by the nickname ‘Quizmaster Jeff’ in his Seattle town where he hosts trivia sessions at a local pub.

Recently, Trouble Brothers’ first title, Wizard Hex, made its move onto the App Store. However, the duo plans to have their other two titles, Cargo Runners and Match-O-Matic, released by the end of January.

Jeff describes Cargo Runners as ‘Monopoly meets Risk on the high seas.’ From the early layout concept below, this seems to be quite accurate. The game will also receive a physical release through Barnes & Noble around the 2011 Holiday season, although iOS gamers will get first dibs later this month.

Match-O-Matic is a social twist on trivia games where players will place bets on how well they know a particular category. Your bet will affect how many points you win or lose based on a correct or incorrect answer. From what Jeff told us, it seems this game will arrive after Cargo Runners. A physical release for both Match-O-Matic and Wizard Hex will be considered, if sales meet expectations.

We should note that while Wizard Hex is universal, Cargo Runners and Match-O-Matic will launch exclusively on the iPad. iPhone versions may be made if sales are high enough, although as a general rule of thumb, virtual board games are best played on an iPad.

We’ll have more information about Trouble Brothers in our next podcast, when we sit down to catch up with Jeff. Check back in the coming weeks for previews of both Cargo Runners and Match-O-Matic, plus an update on what’s happening in the Fargoal world.

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