Trailer Released for The Witness

At last night’s PlayStation 4 event, developer Jonathan Blow came onstage to show off his upcoming puzzle game The Witness. Obviously, it’s coming to PlayStation 4, but it’s also heading to iOS. The game is expected to release some time this year. Watch the trailer below.

Blow also made the highly acclaimed puzzle/platformer Braid, which came out for Xbox Live Arcade, PS3, and PC a few years ago. His team has been working on The Witness for the past three years, and they promise a unique gameplay experience in a game world that’s far more dense than most games.

The Witness looks great in the trailer. The graphics come from the PlayStation 4 version, so it might look a little different when making the jump to iOS. But any way you slice it, The Witness promises to be an beautiful, enigmatic game. For more information, check out The Witness developer blog.

4 thoughts on “Trailer Released for The Witness

  1. I think this is an admirable effort from Jonathan Blow to resurrect this now nearly extinct kind of games which are the first person graphical adventures. Many of us still have fond memories of these games (Myst, Riven etc..) and the success of late titles such as The Room shows that there is a hunger again for this kind of games.
    Personally, I find venturing into quiet mysterious places which hide an interesting
    story behind them solving logical puzzles in the way very intriguing. Sadly, almost no one makes them anymore (there’s still the Rhem series developed by Knut
    Müller but it’s only for PC). I think that the iOS is the perfect environment for these games and played some good ones (The secret of Grisly Manor, The lost city for example), but none of them reach the scale and depth of the classics. The Witness is indeed great news for fans of the genre and I’m really looking forward for its release.

    Sorry for possible spelling or grammatical errors as English is not my native

  2. I find Blow to be an obnoxious, pretentious individual, but Braid was a great game and Witness looks really cool. I’ve been playing realMyst again and Witness looks like it could be a spiritual successor the Myst. Looking forward to this.

  3. I think it’s great to see people are still interested in making quieter, more thoughtful games. It’s a nice alternative to the trigger-happy, explosion-filled nonsense that most games seem to focus on.

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