Trailer Released for ‘Breach & Clear’

A new trailer has landed for the tactical strategy game Breach & Clear. In the game, you control a team of counter-terrorists as they infiltrate enemy territory, blasting through doors and eliminating criminal scum. The game comes out Thursday, July 18, and will cost $1.99 for the first week before going up to $3.99. Watch the trailer below.

I’ve played the game a bit already and have been impressed by how deep the team customization goes. It’s more than a little reminiscent of the Rainbow Six series. Keep your eyes on Slide To Play for a review soon after the game’s release.

2 thoughts on “Trailer Released for ‘Breach & Clear’

  1. I really admire how the combat has been distilled into this simple core of move and aim, breach and clear.
    If you need an overall appraisal of the game, Search AppsGoer to get a full review.

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