Toy Bot Diaries: Entry 3 Launches

Toy Bot Diaries: Entry 3 hit the App Store late last night for $2.99. This is (supposedly) IUGO’s conclusion to the Toy Bot saga. We’re very sad to see the little fella go… but pleased to note that Toy Bot 3 seems to have the same magic as the last game, from what we’ve seen so far.

From the App Store page:

“The third and last entry of the epic Toy Bot series offers a crescendo of challenges, superb levels and an exciting conclusion to this iPhone classic.

‘¬®Hot on the trail of his enemy, Toy Bot sets a course much closer to home: Planet Bot. In order to confront his nemesis once and for all, our bite-sized hero must first traverse the expanses of space and befriend new allies. Time is running out to save Earth from War Bot’s latest weapon, fortunately for us humans, Toy Bot still has a few tricks up his sleeve!”

Toy Bot 3 costs $3.99. We’ll have a full review up soon.

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