Tipped Off The Edge: Infamous App Disappears Again, Reappears as

Mobigame’s excellent puzzler Edge recently disappeared from the App Store yet again. The title, which had previously been at the center of a trademark dispute with developer Edge Games and its head honcho Tim Langdell, vanished from the US/UK App Store only to reappear a few days later with a new name.

The only clue as to Edge’s initial disappearance came from the developer itself, who tweeted, ‘We did not do anything but we will try to figure out what’s happening.” Now they say through Twitter that Edgy is “a new product designed for the Amercian legal system ;) you can still find the old product on all others continents”.

The dispute with Edge Games, which revolved around the game’s name, had seemed to have been put to bed back in October with the game returning to the App Store and Langdell turning his attention to Nalin Sharma’s Killer Edge Racing. Now attention has again returned to Mobigame, just as the developer released its follow-up to Edge, Cross Fingers.

We’re hoping this name change will finally take the pressure off of Mobigame. Meanwhile, Edge Games is also currently being taken on by the might of Electronic Arts, as well as challenging the sale of Killer Edge Racing.

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